Do you Think Your Security Door Locks Are Safe?

Do you Think Your Security Door Locks Are Safe

Your home is the best place you want to go to the end of the day. In itself, it is a strong building, but your belongings inside the house need to be kept safe. And for that, you use locks. It gives you a sense of security of things and people. By putting a lock, you can ensure your house or business’s safety, and you have taken the necessary steps to prevent something hazardous. 

For safety, you want the best door locks. With the advancement of technology, there are varieties of door locks available from basic entry lockset to keyless entry systems with a built-in alarm. The other popular choice is deadbolts. Choose wisely as you want to protect your loved ones and home where everyone should feel safe.

Let us start with a primary entry lock, which is nothing but a simple lock located in the door handle. It usually is used in residential homes. The spring-operated entry locks are more convenient but less secured. There is a push-button on the inner side and key access in the outer side. It can be activated on either side. Another lock is the upgraded version of the earlier one. In this lockset, there is key access on both sides. These are more secured if combined with a deadbolt. 

There are varieties of deadbolts available that is why homeowners consider this as the best door locks. It is named as deadbolt because no spring is used in operation. There are two types of single-cylinder or double-cylinder lock; homeowners can choose any of them. There is a knob in the single-cylinder lock, which will be turned on the interior to lock the deadbolt, whereas there is a key on both sides in the double-cylinder lock. Locks are kept for protection, and deadbolt is a good line of defense. The manufacturers will sell a combination of the deadbolt and set of entry locks that require only one key to operate. 

Another type of locks is mortise locks. As the installation cost is more and also it is labour-intensive, it is mostly used commercially. The homeowner mostly uses keyless entry systems as it can be attached to a security system that will help keep an eye on the intruder. 

There are many other types of locks available like

  • Patio door locks
  • Garage door locks

As the technology evolves, innovations are made in lock systems also. Today we have a high-security door lock system. But you might think it to be expensive. But this is the lock system that provides safety as well as a cost under control. If you want to have a lock system for your business, this will be the best option. 

Let me tell you why you can bring this lock system to your company.

There are five main benefits of using this –

  • Cost reduction

It avoids costs related to theft. It is designed so that it has a two-level of biaxial key cutting-edge because there are angle cuts within the lock. That is why opening this lock is very tricky, and nobody can steal it. Your business is safe and also the lock.

If the thief is more intelligent and drills out the lock, it is obviously of no use. So if you have this type of lock, you must have a drill resistant house or business. This will not only provide you with high security but also reduces your cost of replacing the damaged lock with a new one. 

In many offices, keys go missing or are copied without authorization. Most of the costs associated are with this only. But these instakey’s key is not available in the market, so it cannot be copied. 

  • Customization

You might think you have a different type of door so you cannot take advantage of this high-security lock system, but it is not so. You can easily customize this high-security system according to your business needs. You can also secure multiple locations according to the functional requirement.

  • Rekeyable locks

You can immediately reset locks with the rekeyable lock. 

It often happens that you need to replace a lock because someone has lost the keys or it was stolen. Whenever a key is being lost or stolen, rekeyable locks can be flashed, which means that if anybody tries to open the lock with those keys, then the access will be denied. In the meantime, you can upgrade your lock so that all your employees can do their job uninterruptedly. 

If you think the only master key will get flashed, you haven’t got the security level that this lock is providing you. It can flash master keys, grand master key, and grand master key also. 

  • Cloud-based key tracking software

The main characteristic of an electronic-based lock system is that it can track serialized keys. There is a cloud-based key control software in the digital locks that allows the administrator to track all the keys. The admin can determine the key holder and monitor the position. Duplication is also removed by using serialized keys.

  • Ensures security

The primary purpose of any lock system is to provide security. This lock system provides a high level of security to your business’s physical premises. There are different programs like on-going education, training, and support, which help the organization’s members ensure safety. When everyone works together to guarantee security, then there are very fewer chances of a security breach. 

If you want security at an affordable price, then a high-security door lock program is the best alternative. You have seen many types of lock systems and their benefits and the benefits of high-security lock systems like affordability, low maintenance cost, and enhanced security.

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