Door Chain Guard

Htamba aims to provide the best door chain guard. Because of the theft and robbery, home security is essential. In htamba door chain guard include a small chain connected to the door frame, which attaches to a tune at the door for protection.

Types of door chain guards

These are various kinds of door chain guards that we supply or install in your door area.

Simple chain guard with steel chain

In this narrow door chain, the frame keeps the chain stationary when the door panel is not used to prevent the chain from damaging the door and frame.


Security Door Guard- Brass

In this, we closed tightly from the inside, and it can also be partially opened while maintaining security. It comes in a lovely bright brass finish and includes screws for easy installation.


Keyed Chain Door Guard- Brass

This chain guard has a key lock mechanism that provides additional protection, so you need a key to remove the chain. It comes in a lovely bright brass finish and includes screws for easy installation.


White Inside Screen Door Deadbolt Lock

Ideal’s SK5 internal bolt lock can provide security for your storm doors and lattice doors. SK5 can quickly and easily assemble the door from the inside. To install SK5, we help drill two new holes on the door surface and install the lock plate on the door.

Why choose our Door Chain Guard


High standard Products

We aim to provide high quality to customers, because for htamba customer satisfaction is a must, so we provide the best door chain guard for customers.


Various designs according to the audience needs

We have a wide variety in Door Chain Guard, As our designs are the latest, beautiful, design that suits every client.


Quality team to provide, improve, and fulfill the demands

We have a team of professionals who always take care that door chain guards are performed as per standard; We also have a brainstorming season with our team to get new ideas to fulfill customers’ demands.

Door chain locks securely or not?

If you are using a chain lock at the door or your workplace, use a heavy chain lock; these locks are more used on bike racks, bikes, bicycle stands, etc.

How can the door chain be locked?

Slightly open the door and then insert the key facing away from the door. Next, turn the key, and then the chain latch should drop out of the lock, allowing you to enter.

Do chain guards work?

Yes, door chain guards work; you must fit them properly to work for good security work.

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