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Trusted Door Hinges Suppliers in Dubai with 25+ Years of Experience

HTambawala aims to provide the best kind and unmatchable quality Door hinges in Dubai, catering to client’s unique needs throughout UAE. We carry a whole line and selection of Door hinge types that include aluminum, steel, brass, pivot, decorative, SH cabinet hinges, glass door hinges, and more. We’ve been giving original equipment for years now, delivering top-notch quality products through a very systematic approach. Our team ensures the quality of the product remains prominent, such that it caters to a wider set audience by being cost-effective.

Door Hinges Types


Aluminum hinges with washer


Brass and Brass Plated Hinges


Single and Double Action Hinges


Brass Crown Hinges


Pivot Hinges


Flat Dom Hinges, Sauce Hinges


Decorative Cupboard hinges


M.S Hinges, S.S Hinges


M.S Trap Hinges, M.S “T” Hinges


Concealed Hinges, File Cabinet concealed hinges


SH cabinet Hinges


Kitchen Hinges,SH 180 Degree Hinges

Why choose us


High Standard

We have developed and become one of the best door hinge suppliers, ensuring a high standard for product and service quality is attained. HTambawala aims to reach beyond the standard defined!


Versatile Range

We offer door hinges in huge demand. The beautiful design, durability suits our client’s specific requirement well. From flap door hinge to bottom-hinged chute intake door, we have everything you need.


Quality Team

Our professional team defines the strength of our company! We brainstorm ideas, improve performance and educate regularly. Together, we unite as a team to ensure maximum customers get what they’ve been looking for from us.


Product Satisfaction

We have been serving clients for years now, ensuring standardized methods are performed. Our products are sure to add the right amount of beauty to any place, making it look more attractive. Product satisfaction is the key goal!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I paint the door hinges?

Painting a door hinge can be a bad idea! It ruins the quality of the hinge and also shortens the life of the product. A very old and outdated door hinge, replaced with a new and modernistic design hinge, sounds better.

Steel Vs. Aluminum Hinge, which is better?

Aluminum weighs 40% less than steel, which can reduce the weight of the hinge and be used for a longer duration. Steel, on the other hand, is stronger, durable, also long-lasting. The pricing of it is inexpensive since they are readily available material.

How to choose the right door hinge?

Doors up to 60 inches require two hinges. Doors over 60 inches but below 90 inches require three hinges. Whereas the door over 90 inches but less than 120 inches requires 4 door hinges. Accordingly, making a decision seems to be fair!

What are appropriate door hinge sizes?

Most of the home requires a standard size door hinge which is usually 3.5″ 3.5″. This measurement ranks from the bottom edge of the hinge to the top end. Some large residential doors mat requires a bigger size 4″ x 4″ hinge.

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