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    H Tambawala is the ultimate solution for all kinds of domestic appliance problems. We started our journey from a humble beginning in 1994 as Door Locks Suppliers in Dubai, and have completed a prestigious 25 years of service last year. With innovations in both product manufacture and customer service, we have gained the trust of our customers and have served them with a smile. Wherever you go, you will hear the name of H Tambawala for unparalleled service towards the customers and good products. Throughout these 25 years, we have made over a thousand clients, with many of them renowned in the Middle Eastern market. We both sell from retail showrooms and wholesale distributors throughout the United Arab Emirates, with a vast reach of the market in other countries of the Arab World, East Africa, Far East and other viable international markets. We aspire to spread our markets worldwide and become a household name in every country. Our collection of domestic hardware products will surely attract you. You will find a vast range of door handles, aluminum and steel fittings, doorknobs and furniture fittings which match your choice and budget. The products of Door handle in Dubai are of very respectable quality and you will surely have a good experience choosing from the varieties exclusively from our staff.

    High-security aluminium fitting door lock

    Along with a vast expanse of the market, you will be pleased to know that we have worked with several renowned brands as well. Some of our oldest clients are YUNI, Rexel Door Closers, Dreamax, AKADOS, Elba, Parker, Cross  and Meysan, to name a few. We have a long reputation for satisfying our customers with our top class service and establishing a bonding between them. We commit to our service and try to serve them with our best intentions. H Tambawala is a trusted name of Ironmongery not only for the consumer of the domestic product but also a trusted agent in the hospitality and management industries as well.

    We have worked with some of the best-known hospitality industry giants in this market in the last 25 years, and have established a sense of trust within them. Those who are establishing new businesses in Dubai primarily reach us first for their domestic hardware solutions. We deal with a lot of clients outside the Arab region as well; try to satisfy their needs with our best. If you are trying to find the best Door accessories and Door handle supplier in Dubai UAE, you should not hesitate to meet us. You can visit our contacts page and get in touch with us via email or phone, or you can personally visit us in our office in Dubai. We will be very happy to help you.

    Door Locks

    With a promise of ultimate security and zero tension in your life, H Tambawala presents you the best Sliding door locks in Dubai. As we have stated earlier that we are one of the leading  Wholesale Door Locks Suppliers in UAE, and our lock for glass door are one of the best you will find in this market. You can choose from a huge variety of modern-day door locks that come with keys, and the locks are tested several times before they are handed out to the retailers and suppliers.

    You can choose your door locks from a range of items that are made from zinc, brass, aluminum and iron and choose them according to your needs and budget. Our locks are made in different sizes so that they can fit in doors of any sizes. Our locks vary from the size of 40mm to 90mm, so you can choose one of your choices.

    Combination door lock for added safety
    Door closer for exterior doors

    Door Closer

    The door closers are one of the best things we sell, and they come in different forms and shapes. Our Rexel Brand Door Closers perform automatically so that you do not have to get up all the time to close your doors manually. They are made with the best quality metals and can serve you the purposefully to close a door automatically.

    Our Automatic Door Closers, Transom Door Closers and Concealed Door Closers are some of the finest Door Closers in UAE that you will find for a low price and with a good warranty period. If you order one, our service engineers will come and fix the door closer to your door and let you know about the operations of them. The door closers are made up of stainless Steel, aluminium and other tensile metals that will not only keep the item going for a long period, but also be lightweight and effective to operate.

    Heavy-duty door lock and accessories set

    Door Accessories

    We sell several door accessories apart from the door locks and door closers. We understand that our clients may need a little more when they are planning to install a new door in the office space or their home. To serve that purpose, we deal with several Door Accessories in Dubai. We deal in items like door stoppers, drawer locks and keys, tower bolts and ordinary door bolts that you may need to install on your doors.

    You can look at the variety of items that we sell under the category of door accessories and purchase with us. The door accessories are made with good quality metals and woods, and the stoppers are fitted with good quality rubber so that it does not get damaged within a short period. The door accessories are also priced economically.

    Do you wish to modify your beautiful home with decorative hardware designs?

    Stainless Steel Accessories

    We understand that making a good name in the business needs a lot of effort and making a statement with your style of management is very much crucial. That is why; we can provide you with some of the best stainless steel accessories from our organization. If you want to put up a new signboard beside your door or set up a new nameplate on your house, you can count on us.

    We have made a name for ourselves as one of the best ironmongery suppliers in UAE and can provide you with top-quality goods. From door handles, signboards to pure stainless steel hinges and door stoppers, you will find all at one place. You can view our huge variety of goods on our website and choose one that can serve your purpose.

    Steel security chain lock and accessories
    High-security aluminium fitting door lock

    Aluminum Fittings

    Along with pure stainless steel fittings, you can view our range of aluminum made goods which are on display of our website. You will find a wide range of products like aluminum door knobs, door locks and drawer locks to name a few. The aluminum goods are very much low on weight and can fit into any of your furniture without the fear of rusting and damage.

    The aluminum fittings also come with a good warranty period deal, which means that you can expect our free service on these goods. Aluminum door handles and door accessories are generally a very high priced commodity in a city like Dubai and being the Best Door Lock Suppliers in Dubai, UAE, we can assure you that nobody can match our price. Just contact our retailers or showrooms or visit our website to get a good idea of our aluminum fittings.

    Furniture Fittings

    If you are wondering where you may find good metallic Furniture Fittings, then you might have an answer. We at Tambawala can serve you by providing different kinds of furniture fittings at a great price. From doorknobs to door handles and hinges, we can provide you with the Ironmongery Products. We specially deal in metallic furniture fittings that are made up of lightweight items like steel, aluminum and brass. We are leading Door Hinges Suppliers in UAE.

    We also guarantee you of good service and less damage to the goods while they are in use. They are of good quality and will fit into any kinds of doors and other domestic furniture of your house or office. D-Pull Handle, C-Pull Handle, Furniture knobs, doorknobs are some of the items which we especially focus on and we can promise you to provide them in a good offer.

    Do you wish to modify your beautiful home with decorative hardware designs?