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We cater to meet your high-quality premier hardware needs like drawer knobs that meet your style and budget pretty well. As the demand for professional hardware products is rising, we focus on delivering you a wider range built with the latest technology.
Our approach is to look at the current scenario and manufacturer knobs for drawers that match the next generation home spaces and offices. HTamba is a consumer-oriented company, a market leader with a great presence in the Industry. As doorknobs are used to access and close the drawers, easy to use easily, and functionality is most important.
The best part of our products is, it’s exceptional aesthetic, functionality, long-lasting results, and of course, affordability. A stylish and practical offering is what you can expect from us. Our team of professionals looks forward to catering to your wider needs! We offer different types of drawer knobs for your home and office needs like.

Drawer Knobs Types


Kids Drawer Knobs

One most used and demanding drawer knob with a concept exclusively designed for kids. Kids want convenience and special attention in their room. These kids’ drawer knobs fit perfectly.


Glass Drawer Knobs

It is made up of glass or crystal material that shapes it into a round structure. The living room and dining room’s cabinet and drawer will be ideal places to have these kinds of drawers.


Antique Drawer Knobs

It exhibits luxury, the essence of the traditional, rustic charm, and affordability. Made up of copper and alloy, the designs are very intriguing. Good for living room furniture, study room, and other dining spaces.


Drawer knobs and Pulls

Just like drawer knobs in Dubai become a leading choice, with their round structure and easy application. Pulls are also a versatile pick with their vintage appeal and traditional taste.

Why choose us


Strong Vision

We have a strong vision to fulfill customer demands and strive for higher growth in the industry. This is why we implement successful strategies to provide superior lever satisfaction and build effective relations too.


Exceptional Range

Our professional strives to meet the market demand for the hardware, so we maintain an extensive collection of doorknobs to cater to your needs, from kids’ drawer knobs to glass drawers and Antiques.


Quality comes first

HTamba has become a leading identity in quality, designer, and durable home decor! We understand the changing needs of people for home decor and cultivate the same quality in what we offer.



We have invested in the right resource to delivering products sustainably and ethically. Our core strength is the customer-centric approach, which helps us stay in the trend and please customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the knobs go on?

Knobs can easily be placed on cabinet doors or drawers. Cabinet knobs are placed on the opposite side of your door hinge. It depends upon your choice; you can choose to place it anywhere, it will add attraction!

Can one use knobs on a drawer?

There are no hard and fast rules to follow when thinking of selecting a knob for your drawer. People also consider using a pull. However, one preference is using a knob, as it suits well for all doors.

Where to buy a Drawer knob in Dubai?

Reputation, years of experience, and customer satisfaction matters most before selecting drawer knobs. Therefore, HTambawala becomes one leading choice for your drawer knobs needs. We have the right professional and resources ready to meet your vivid needs.

Which is better, Knobs or Pulls?

In many cases, knobs seem to be a better choice. It easily opens the upper cabinet. At the same time, pull is also an ideal choice, good for easier operation of the lower cabinet. All the upper cabinets must have knobs for seamless operations.

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