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Hettich has brought numerous innovations and inventions, and never-ending ideas adding to the trend in today’s furniture concept. The tech-driven furniture makes a valuable contribution to space-saving, intelligent function and a space that stands apart. We are the leading and most reliable Hettich supplier in Dubai, offering high tech functions for doors, making furniture more exciting.
We’ve realized customers don’t look for mass production when it comes to furniture, they want bespoke editions. Being a reliable supplier, we ought to fulfil the unique needs of customers and offer the trendiest most custom-made design and functionality driven furniture. 
Versatile Hettich door hinge for various applications

Products We Deal in Hettich BRAND:

We, Hettich dealers UAE offer an array of products and promise to deliver an exceptional Hettich experience to you. One that delivers top quality workmanship along with affordability guaranteed.

Anti-theft and Security Hettich door knob

Hettich Furniture Knob

Hettich offers quality chrome plated furniture knobs that happen to have a glossy finish, made of Zinc material resulting in its durability. The knob dimension is appropriate and extremely suitable to fit in any door, giving 100% satisfaction.

Durable Hettich door hinge in sleek design

Hettich Multicolor Hinge

The award-winning Hettich multi colour hinge has revolutionized the concept of hinges. The innovative, reliable and long-lasting hinges are equipped with top quality clever mounting and appropriate adjustment capabilities.

Easy-to-use Hettich door stopper for enhanced safety

Hettich Stopper

We offer a Vertical type floor mounted Hettich door stopper, made with top-quality stainless-steel material and with a SS Satin finishing. This including the fixing material makes it a versatile choice for a great door stopping experience.

Quality Hettich Door Handles hardware.

Hettich Door Handles

Beautiful Hettich handles underline the furniture design and set the special accents to the entire space. The innovative, trendy and cool door handles make your door system better and easy to manage. It adds a new style to your interiors!

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Our aim has constantly been to become a prominent and most reliable Hettich Products dealer in the UAE. Our furniture not only adds value to your space but also creates a signature interior designing experience. We have a solution that blends aesthetics with functionality and in the most affordable range.


Technology, transparency and futuristic style in the furniture is what helps us stand out. We only look ahead to bring in lasting relationships with our customers by creating styles that speak for themselves. Using warm, and appealing masterpiece furniture to shine your space and charm your guests!


Being the Hettich product dealer, we feel proud of the quality and durability we offer in our products. We know how the customer wants to set their accent into space, we simply add modernistic appeals to your furniture needs.

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