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HTamba is the leading Mortice Sash lock Supplier in UAE offering you to choose from a variety of styles and finishes, all of which are practical and durable. We’ve got the mortice lock that you need, whether you’re looking for a traditional timber door or something more modern.


Our door locks are made of the highest-quality materials, and they’re designed to last longer than any other lock you can buy. They offer the perfect level of privacy and protection—and they look great, too!

Whatever your requirements, we have the lock for you: stylish and durable, secure, easy to use—the choice is yours. Our sashlock mortice locks are available in a variety of different colors and designs to match your door or even your home.

The most common type of lock is the mortise deadbolt, which is installed into the door’s edge and then slides into the strike plate when locked. A latch bolt comes out from the doorjamb and connects with a strike plate on the edge of the doorframe to keep it closed.

Mortice Sash lock
If you’re looking for something more secure, we recommend choosing a keyed deadbolt with a thumb turn as this gives you greater control over who can access your property.

HTAMBA are lever mortice sash lock suppliers. Our 5 lever mortice sash locks are designed with a night latch to keep your property safe. They’re BS3621 certified and engineered with hard plates to prevent drilling.

These locks are fitted with a 4 pin cylinder that allows you to change the key easily if lost or stolen. They also have 2 keys supplied with each lock. The mortice sashlock we supply comes with an anti-friction device which prevents the lock from being easily damaged if broken into.

If you require any further information about our 5 lever mortice sash locking mechanism or any other products we stock, please contact us today!

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We have lots of options in lever mortice sash locks. We are a professional company and we supply good quality products. We have a good reputation and provide high quality products to our customers. We will give you the best service. We are committed to providing quality service with the highest standards of integrity and honesty.


Customer Satisfaction:

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, and we go out of our way to make sure you’re happy with your experience with us and our products. You can rest assured that we will never let you down or compromise your safety or security when it comes to any aspect of our work.


Experienced team

Our team members are well trained and experienced enough to deal with all kinds of queries raised by customers regarding lever mortice sash locks or any other products or services we offer. Our team of professionals have a proven track record in the field. We provide professional advice on the best solution for your individual needs with no obligation estimates before any work is carried out.

For a complete solution of mortice sash locks, feel free to contact us today. We are here to help you!