Best Quality Window Safety Locks in Dubai, UAE

Window safety locks are essential nowadays. The People always make sure to lock their doors at night and even double-check again to confirm if it’s shut tight lest a burglar ventures in. So we provide the best quality of window safety lock so that burglars did not break and open the window.
Htamba cannot afford to be lax when it comes to the security of your homes, and we must invest in suitable preventive measures to avoid jeopardizing safety. Furthermore, we cannot compromise on quality when it comes to security purposes.
Most windows have some form of latch, but these are additional reinforcements that strengthen the security. Before buying one, we recommend you get the information of many types of window safety locks and window safety bars available in our company.

Types of Window Safety Locks

These are various kinds of Window Safety Locks that we supply.

Pin Locks

Pin locks in our company are simple and effective gadgets created to make sure burglars or intruders don’t simply lift your window. It is a hole in which you insert a steel iron. This is a good option for all those ground-floor windows that are more susceptible to danger.


Hinged Wedge Locks

Htamba hinged locks are great because you can control how much you let the window open. This is also great if you have children in the house because it provides that extra layer of safety to not fall out the window while playing.


Window Bars

While this isn’t exactly a lock, htamba window bars work well as protection, barring the intruder from entering even if they manage to break the glass. These are very widely used, especially in houses with children. Though there is the concern of a ruined view or lack of aesthetic, if tastefully chosen, these window bars are a very safe and reasonable option.

Why choose us


High Standard

The window safety lock is now a day. And to do that, we provide standard material or, say, high-quality products to prepare those safety locks.


Various design

As the doors are the latest, the window safety lock is also coming in a modern design for the more secure and safety these designs are prepared. In addition, we have a wide variety of locks that can attract you to buy.


Product satisfaction

Satisfaction with a product is a must for customers, especially when buying something for safety, So we keep in mind all the precautions While preparing the safety guard.

How does the window safety lock work?

Window safety lock protects your window from being forced open in a storm, rain, etc. window safety lock is also essential to protect your house or building from the thief.

Why should you lock your window?

The most important thing is to lock and Safe your home, so for that window safety lock is essential.

Should everyone have to use window safety locks?

Yes, window safety locks protect you from many things. You should always lock your window when you are going out or at night to protect your home.

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